President and CEO of Apis Global Produtos Alternativos Ltda.

Mr. Fabio Murakami

Famous Italian entrepreneur in Brazil

In 1982, he founded the first propolis company in Brazilian history - Wildflower Bee Industry International and the most famous brand in the propolis industry, Apiario Silvestre (Chinese brand: Wildflower Green Propolis) in San Polo. Mr. Fabio advocates the Chinese Laozi philosophy and advocates the harmonious coexistence of human beings and nature. A heartfelt sense of ethical responsibility has made Brazilian Wildflower Bee International a leader in the global market.

President and CEO of Royal Natural Products Co., Ltd., the general agent of Apis Global Produtos Alternativos Ltda. in North America and the Asia-Pacific region

Dr. Luciano Santos

Graduated from the University of São Paulo in Brazil with a major in medicine. He has extensive expertise in entomology, especially in the field of bees, and has published many international papers. In 1996, he joined Brazilian Wildflower Bee Industry International Co., Ltd. and was gradually promoted to senior vice president of global market management. After studying at the University of Toronto in Canada in 2004, Dr. Luciano joined Royal Canadian Natural Products Co., Ltd. and has served as the company's president to this day.

Dr. Esther Margarida AF Bastos

PhD in Biology, PhD in Entomology, and Master in Food Science from the University of São Paulo. He is currently the chief scientist of Brazilian Wildflower Bee Industry International Co., Ltd., director of the Brazilian Propolis State Key Laboratory, and the patent holder of alcohol-free supercritical extraction technology. Royal Natural Products Co., Ltd. Chief scientific advisor to the company.

Dr. Jalal Mokhalalati

PhD in Human Business from the University of London, UK, and Master of Biology in Animal Nutrition from the University of North Wales, UK. He is currently the Chief Scientist and Chairman of the Professional Committee of Royal Canadian Natural Products Co., Ltd. Previously, he served as the director of pharmaceutical quality inspection and regulations in Ottawa, the capital of Canada. He also served as a health ministry official in Saudi Arabia and a senior technical director of ABBOTT.