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Apiario Silvestre Prostate Mate■ Non Alcoholic·Wax Free

Apiario Silvestre Prostate Mate■ Non Alcoholic·Wax Free

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Apiario Silvestre Prostate Mate

product specifications

Country of Origin: Brazil

Product brand: Apiario Silvestre

Packaging specifications: 30ML

Production date: please see the bottle

Storage method: sealed and placed in a cool and dry place

Product Features: Sugar-free, alcohol-free, beeswax-free

Official certification

Health-supporting antioxidants to help maintain prostate health

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Good news for men, the nemesis of prostate problems

Frontline discomfort

pelvic pain

Difficulty urinating

Frequent urination/urinary urgency/inability to urinate completely

What is propolis?

In order to avoid the infection of various diseases in the dark, small, high-temperature hive, bees keep the clean hive free from pollution from the outside world. Find a gelatin containing antibacterial ingredients exuded by certain trees in nature, mix it with its own secretions, and then apply it all over the hive, and the hive will be in a vacuum and sterile state . This great and magical substance is propolis!