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Apis Global Produtos Alternativos Ltda. was founded in 1982. "Apiario Silvestre" is world-renowned as a famous Brazilian propolis brand. All raw materials of "Apiario Silvestre" bee products include honey, bee pollen, green propolis, royal jelly, etc. They all come from the pure natural and pollution-free virgin forests at the junction of Minas and Sao Paulo states in Brazil.

Apis Global Produtos Alternativos Ltda. is the first manufacturer in Brazilian history and the world dedicated to the research and industrialization of green propolis. It monopolizes more than 95.8% of Brazil’s top-quality wild green propolis raw materials and is a veritable leader in the global propolis industry. As the largest manufacturer in the Brazilian bee industry, the company has a GMP international excellent standard production plant covering an area of ​​more than 40,000 square meters. It is currently the first and only company in Brazil to obtain NASA's space food safety certification for astronauts. A propolis brand with SGS-HACCP quality certification system . In addition, Apis Global Produtos Alternativos Ltda. is also the first inventor of the "patented extraction technology of alcohol-free supercritical propolis liquid preparation" .

As the super aircraft carrier of the propolis industry in Brazil and even the world, Brazil Wildflower Bee Industry International Co., Ltd. combines natural creations with human technology, pursues excellence and perfection, and uses excellent quality and professional services to firmly establish itself as a leader in the propolis industry in the international market. status of the person. With its long history, top scientific research team, advanced patented technology, excellent quality assurance and reputation from millions of customers, Brazilian Wild Flower Green Propolis has become a popular brand in Canada, the United States, the European Union, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and South Korea. , Japan and other official health departments multiple certifications recommended international brands.

Wildflower brand bee products have an FDA registration number from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, an NPN batch number from Health Canada's natural health products, a GMP factory license for excellent production quality in the international pharmaceutical industry, and the world's largest chemical quality analysis company, SGS, headquartered in Switzerland. GMP certificate, HACCP certificate and many other official certifications issued by authoritative organizations.

The advantages of 100% pure Brazilian blood

Raw Material:

World renowned top quality Brazilian Green Propolis raw material collected by local Africanized killer bees (incidentally and mistakenly released by Dr Warwick Kerr's restricted lab in 1956, see Wiki for interesting true story of it) from off the beaten track natural forest of Minas Gerras state, Brazil. Brazilian Federal Agriculture Authority Inspection number SIF#2653 to ensure raw material purity, genuineness, and bee sustainability.


More than 95.8% of Brazil's top wild green propolis raw materials are purchased by Apis Global Produtos Alternativos Ltda. to ensure the production of the highest quality green propolis, to ensure the supply of the international market.

Bee species:

Apiario Silvestre green propolis gum source is all collected by Brazilian African killer bees, killer bees made propolis, its antibacterial and antiviral ability is very strong, they live in the most easy to breed bacteria and viruses in the Brazilian rainforest, is the world's only disease-free bee species. A pair of hind legs of a killer bee can carry 30 milligrams of propolis for 60 kilometers at a time, far from ordinary bees.

Health Benefits:

Immune Support, Oral Care, Sore Throat Relief, Antioxidant, & Overall Wellbeing. There are 250+ published research papers in www.pubmed.gov by search "Brazilian Green Propolis" keyword, and 18000+ research papers in Google scholar.


Brazilian Green Propolis is totally different from honey and contains no sugar at all. It has very unique and strong taste. But it is the only genuine Brazilian green propolis's own taste and there is no flavor, no honey, no color added to ensure its purify. Many people especially those in need of health find the taste very pleasant once they get used to it.

Quality Assurance:

Certified cGMP facility, Licensed NHP overseas GMP manufacturing site facility, SGS Certified CODEX GMP facility, SGS Certified HACCP facility. (HACCP is the most strict food and nutrition certificate designed by NASA in 1960s to ensure astronaut food safety in space and yes, the Mars). HALAL certificate. Every product lot tested for Microbial, heavy metals, pesticides, stability etc. for the strictest internal standard, which is more extreme than regulatory requirements.

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