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NO. 1 Sales! Maintain healthy glucose level & cardiovascular health, 10-Bottle Value Pack·Free shipping·30ml*10

NO. 1 Sales! Maintain healthy glucose level & cardiovascular health, 10-Bottle Value Pack·Free shipping·30ml*10

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Lower blood lipids, lower blood sugar, lower blood pressure

The only officially certified propolis with three high efficacy

product specifications

Country of Origin: Brazil

Product brand: Apiario Silvestre

Packaging specifications: 30ML*10

Production date: please see the bottle

Storage method: sealed and placed in a cool and dry place

Product Features: Sugar-free, alcohol-free, beeswax-free, concentration 85%

product information

The flavonoids and terpenes in propolis have the function of promoting the use of exogenous glucose to synthesize liver glycogen, thereby assisting in lowering blood sugar.

Everyone’s Choice—Yehua Brand Green Propolis

Yehua brand green propolis comes from nature and has natural color, aroma, taste, shape and physiologically active substances. It is a natural biological food. It is not only nutritious, safe and hygienic, convenient and affordable, but also has significant therapeutic and health effects. It is truly derived from Nature's natural, green, healthy food, it is important for the elderly, young people, students, and even children.

Long-established professional propolis manufacturer. Wildflower Green Propolis was founded in 1982. It is the earliest manufacturer in Brazilian history dedicated to the research, development and industrialization of green propolis. It worked closely with the Brazilian National Propolis Laboratory and took the lead in inventing an alcohol-free, beeswax-free supercritical carbon dioxide extraction. This method has led the new trend of consuming alcohol-free, beeswax-free and healthy propolis.

The raw materials are the best. The Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture divides propolis materials into 12 grades. Wildflower brand green propolis uses the highest grade A-grade green propolis. It comes from the Minas virgin forest in southern Brazil. It is pollution-free and is known as organic propolis in the world. It is extremely precious and has pure taste. The highest content of active ingredients.

Good production and monitoring technology. Wild Flower Green Propolis adopts the most advanced professional extraction technology of alcohol-free supercritical ultra-high flavonoids in the world. The production process requires one year of optimized extraction. The entire production process is produced in strict accordance with the GMP standards of the international pharmaceutical industry, and its quality is absolutely guaranteed.

International authoritative certification. Wild Flower Green Propolis has obtained qualification certification and registration from internationally recognized authoritative organizations such as the Brazilian Federal Government, the Brazilian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, the Global Food Safety System SGS, and the International Excellent Quality GMP. Recently, it has once again successfully obtained the certification from the world's most stringent international food safety supervision system. HACCP certification, becoming the only Brazilian manufacturer of top-quality green propolis with this internationally authoritative certification.

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Brazilian National Treasure, Green Gold – Apiario Silvestre Brazilian Green Propolis

Apiario Silvestre Brazilian Green Propolis is the highest-grade CLASS A wild green propolis, directly imported from Brazil. It is an extremely rare natural resource known as green gold, containing a rich array of nutrients with over 400 different compounds across 20 categories.

  • Health Benefits: Immune Support, Oral Care, Sore Throat Relief, Antioxidant, & Overall Wellbeing.
  • There are 250+ published research papers in by searching "Brazilian Green Propolis" keyword, and 18000+ research papers in google scholar.
  • Recommended use or purpose(NPN80068988):

  • *Source of antioxidants for the maintenance of good health.

    *Helps to promote healthy glucose metabolism.

    *Helps to maintain healthy glucose level.

    *Help to maintain cardiovascular health.

    *Helps to promote healthy cholesterol and triglyceride level.

The efficacy of propolis

Propolis was included in the "Chinese Pharmacopoeia" as early as 2005, acknowledging its efficacy in "tonifying weakness, resolving turbid fats, alleviating thirst; externally detoxifying, reducing swelling, and promoting tissue regeneration. Used for physical weakness and premature aging, hyperlipidemia, thirst, and externally for treating skin chapping, burns, and scalds."

According to the "Chinese Materia Medica," the efficacy of propolis can be summarized as: antimicrobial against pathogens, calming and anesthetic effects on the nervous system, promoting tissue repair, regulating endocrine functions, adjusting blood glucose, lipids, and pressure, protecting the liver, anti-tumor properties, antioxidant and free radical scavenging, with no toxic side effects.

What is propolis?

In order to prevent infections in the dark, confined, and warm beehive, and to keep the hive clean and free from external contamination, bees discover a gelatinous substance containing antibacterial properties that exudes from certain trees in nature. They mix this substance with their own secretions and then apply it throughout the entire hive. As a result, the beehive becomes a vacuum-like sterile environment. This extraordinary and miraculous substance is known as propolis!