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Family Value Pack* Free Shipping*25 Bottles of Apiario Silvestre Brazilian Green Bee Propolis Glycolic Extract-Non Alcoholic, Wax Free, Sugar Free

Family Value Pack* Free Shipping*25 Bottles of Apiario Silvestre Brazilian Green Bee Propolis Glycolic Extract-Non Alcoholic, Wax Free, Sugar Free

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Bees apply propolis to the inside of the hive to keep it safe and sterile. Propolis has been widely recognized by the academic community for its significant pharmacological effects such as antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and immunity enhancement.

product specifications

Country of Origin: Brazil

Product brand: Apiario Silvestre

Packaging specifications: 30ML

Production date: please see the bottle

Storage method: sealed and placed in a cool and dry place

Product Features: Sugar-free, alcohol-free, beeswax-free, concentration 85%

product information

Everyone’s Choice—Yehua Brand Green Propolis

Yehua brand green propolis comes from nature and has natural color, aroma, taste, shape and physiologically active substances. It is a natural biological food. It is not only nutritious, safe and hygienic, convenient and affordable, but also has significant therapeutic and health effects. It is truly derived from Nature's natural, green, healthy food, it is important for the elderly, young people, students, and even children.

Long-established professional propolis manufacturer. Wildflower Green Propolis was founded in 1982. It is the earliest manufacturer in Brazilian history dedicated to the research, development and industrialization of green propolis. It worked closely with the Brazilian National Propolis Laboratory and took the lead in inventing the "alcohol-free, beeswax-free supercritical" extraction method. , leading a new trend of consuming alcohol-free, beeswax-free and healthy propolis.

The raw materials are the best. The Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture divides propolis materials into 12 grades. Wildflower brand green propolis uses the highest grade A-grade green propolis . It comes from the Minas virgin forest in southern Brazil. It is pollution-free and is known as organic propolis in the world. It is extremely precious and has pure taste. The highest content of active ingredients.

Good production and monitoring technology. The production process of Yehua brand green propolis requires one year of optimized extraction. The entire production process is produced in strict accordance with the GMP standards of the international pharmaceutical industry , and its quality is absolutely guaranteed.

International authoritative certification. Wild Flower Green Propolis has obtained qualification certification and registration from internationally recognized authoritative organizations such as the Brazilian Federal Government, the Brazilian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, the Global Food Safety System SGS, and the International Excellent Quality GMP. Recently, it has once again successfully obtained the certification from the world's most stringent international food safety supervision system. HACCP certification, becoming the only Brazilian manufacturer of top-quality green propolis with this internationally authoritative certification.

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Propolis’ “one thing has many functions”

  • Propolis was listed in the "Chinese Pharmacopoeia" as early as 2005, affirming its efficacy as " tonifying weakness, reducing fat, quenching thirst; external use to detoxify and reduce swelling, astringent and muscle growth. It is used for physical weakness, premature aging, hyperlipidemia, Quench thirst; externally treat chapped skin, burns and scalds ."
  • According to the "Chinese Materia Medica", the effects of propolis can be summarized as: anti-pathogenic microorganisms, sedation, anesthesia and other nervous system effects, promoting tissue repair, regulating endocrine, regulating blood sugar, blood lipids and blood pressure, protecting liver, anti-tumor, Antioxidant, free radical scavenger, no toxic side effects .

What is propolis?

In order to avoid the infection of various diseases in the dark, small, high-temperature hive, bees keep the clean hive free from pollution from the outside world. Find a gelatin containing antibacterial ingredients exuded by certain trees in nature, mix it with its own secretions, and then apply it all over the hive, and the hive will be in a vacuum and sterile state . This great and magical substance is propolis!